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The Kotula Lab


The long-term goal of our research is aimed at developing a detailed understanding of basic molecular and cellular processes underlying human cancer pathology. An important practical goal is the establishment of preclinical translational systems that will contribute to development of personalized anti-cancer therapies. 

ABI1 importance in cancer development has been highlighted through its role as an adaptor protein in the WAVE regulatory complex, which plays a critical role in cellular adhesion, and is often dysregulated in many epithelial cancers as well as through its role in regulating C-Abl kinase activity in vitro and in vivo. While dysregulation of Abl kinase activity in solid tumors is not well-defined, abnormal ABI1 expression and regulation is found in tumors originating from different human tissues. Our research focuses on understanding the role of the ABI1 gene in human cancers, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to address key questions about tumor development, disease progression and acquired-treatment resistance. 

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